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Updated: May 1, 2019

Don't get us wrong, we used them at home and we liked them. But we honestly think that WHAT A WHEAT are a better option. Here's why..

Metal straw is a great reusable alternative for the single person, as long as you remember to bring yours with you every time.

But have you tried to drink with them any hot liquid?

Ohh my, they burn like hell.

Last thing you want is a blister on your or your customers lips.

WHAT A WHEAT can withstand hot drinks without problems for days.

They will not get hot and will not get soggy.

Like every reusable straws hygiene is a concern in restaurants, cafe, pubs. The metal straws can not be cleaned properly every time. it is not feasible.

One last issues is it how how we will dispose them? They will inevitably end up in land filling. Not great.

Guess it is better a biodegradable straws isn't it?

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