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Adam Rutherford

Venue Manager

East Village



I couldn't be happier with the straws!

I have been searching for a plastic alternative for a year and half and been disappointed with every variety.

Bought this on a punt as I thought they were good value and it wouldn't be the end of the world if they didn't work well.

Absolute game changer!

Andrea Pozzi

Restaurant Manager

Odyssea City Beach


We implemented What a Wheat straws almost a year ago.

Will never use any other straw.

People love them, they keep asking which kind of straws are them as they realize they are super natural.

These straws leave positive impressions on our clients.

Such a smart idea.

Amazon Reviews

"These straws are freakin' awesome"

"Great quality straws, last better then paper and don't get soggy after 2 minutes."

"Will raccomend to others'"


"Fantastic Eco-friendly product!

Definitely better then any other option around!"

"Actually really cool!"

"Proper wheat stems and it is way nicer and natural to drink with these then paper straws"

"Great alterrnative to plastic"

and so many more still to add..
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